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Handmade Eyewear.

The Dokomotto collection is made up of two ranges, the “Capsual Designer Collecton” and the “Classic Collection” The Designer Colllection are truly unique frames and all are indivdulaly numbered, and produced by an artist craftsman Florent Grellet and limited to one of each model/colour in New Zealand. The Classic collection is also limited to 500 pieces In each colour worldwide, all indivdually numbered.

Dokomotto started in 2011 when Florent found a space in a lovely little street in Le Cannet, Cannes, a space where he could set up a workshop. A quiet but pretty place, a spot where he created his first items, a little shop in which the chrysalis soon turned into a butterfly and where DokoMotto emerged, the brand created for his freshly made collection. Surprising shaped glasses with audacious colours, rare pieces that give style to the ones who are wearing them. This craftsman became the artist.

Nothing surprising for this man now in his forties who learnt his skills in the birthplace of the French eyewear industry, the Jura, and who was trained in the prestigious professional optical Highschool of Morez and ended it with a top award in design. After a few years spent in optical shops adjusting the eyesight to thousands of customers and shaping as many faces to colours and shapes of other major brands, Florent decided to go back to his original work, the eyewear conception.


He could have chosen Taiwan to mass-produce them, but this man originated from Seine et Marne, a grandson of farmers, and knows well the value and quality of the words “made in France” and that’s the reason why his spectacle frames, conceived in one of the most beautiful French villages, are made in Oyonnax, a French town leading in acetate manufacture.

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